Begin at the Beginning

I gravitate to Ganesh in his most elemental offering, that of auspicious beginnings. The elephant-headed god is known for removing our obstacles, protecting the thresholds and blessing our starting points - hence his importance here!

Learning to weave a tale is a most important skillset in our world, and being an ole thespian, I could tell a few Ganesh stories we may all know, like when he was laughed at by the moon, or outwitted his brother for the last sweet or even when he defied his father and lost his head. Each narrative elucidates a certain possible characteristic and a lesson to embody.

In every conceivable way, at every new beginning, at every distinct boundary, we are not invoking Ganesh but we are discovering our Ganesh within.
We are invited to pierce our consciousness by recognizing that every instance offers a fresh start at countless thresholds. The only obstacle necessary to get around is yourself.

The traditional interface is through mantra and ritual alone, but through his mythology we invoke our power to remove, to bless, to guide and guard. By telling the story, we cloak and clothe ourselves in his consciousness.

His first blessing is to recognize that we are always in a state of beginning, moment to moment. Every time we inhale a new breath, the moment arises, again… and again…  he is there…  

Ganesh asks, What is sacred to you? How do you honor the boundaries that hold the threshold of the sacred. When do you cross and when do you protect? What is sacred doesn’t simply exist, but rather is continuously co-created in the triad of subject, object and experience of. How do you co-participate consciously? Are you in or are you out? Where do your experiences take you? Are you able to find the seam, to pierce yourself and inhale, again…
And finally, he offers his sweetness of character as an example of how best to approach. Whatever comes your way, be it any or all of the above, a hint of a smile and a softening of your heart and your experience opens to new possibilities of sacred!


Todd Tesen